Schwalbe Procore 27.5″

Our Price: 180.00


PROCORE is derived from ” Progressive Core” . The core (internal high-pressure chamber) progressively absorbs even the hardest impacts. A joint development from Schwalbe and Syntace.

With the PROCORE double chamber system, it’s possible to ride with low air pressure increasing the performance of the tyres. Because of the second high pressure chamber even a very strong impact cannot bust the tube/dent the rim. Before you couldn’t risk riding lower than 20 psi because the risk of snake-bites was too high.

Two chambers – one valve
A special dual valve distributes the air into both chambers. The upper part of the valve is a selector. Simply twist in and out to fill the desired chamber.

The inner chamber uses high pressure (55-85 psi) with a special tube making it safer against snakebites and preventing burping.

The outer chamber uses extremely low pressure (10-20 psi), tubeless with sealant fluid for optimum performance.

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Application: Enduro, Downhill and Performance MTB
Rim Width: at least 23 mm width, tubeless-ready
Wheel: compatible with all wheels, regardless of brand
Technology: Procore

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