Bike7 Degrease

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Degrease is a fast acting, thorough and safe in-depth degreaser for all mechanical bicycle parts and all surfaces.

Degrease removes oil, grease, tar and adhesive residues without damaging the substrate.

At the same time, Degrease is safe to use on all bicycle components.

It removes all kinds of oil, grease, wax, adhesive and tar residues from the bicycle frame and all moving parts.

  • Fast and in-depth degreasing of disc and drum brakes, gear switch, bracket, front and rear derailleurs, sprocket wheel, ball head, etc.
  • Removal of old lubricants from bearings.
  • Removal of adhesive residues.
  • Removal of tar and grease spatter (frame, tyres, …).
  • Removal of oil, silicone, wax, tar, asphalt, adhesive resisdues, etc. from stainless steel, aluminium, paint, rubber, carbon, textile, and so on.
  • Removal of ‘grease stains’ on matte finish bicycle frame.
  • Removal of all Bike7 products: Lubricate, … .

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