Indoor Trainers

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    Tacx Antares Rollers

    With the Antares roller you can cycle freely to refine your coordination and technique. This roller ...
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    Tacx Blue Matic

    The Blue Matic has been part of our assortment for many years and is very popular among novice rider...
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    Tacx Blue Twist

    You adjust the resistance of the Blue Twist manually using the switch on the brake, so you set it pr...
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    Tacx Bushido Smart

    As the Bushido is wireless and can be linked to your smartphone or tablet , you can use this trainer...
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    Tacx Flow Smart

    The Flow Smart is an interactive Smart trainer with an electro brake. It offers intensive training s...
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    Tacx USB ANT+ antenna

    Optimal reception Due to the long length of the cable, the receiver can be placed close...
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    Tacx Vortex Smart

    The Vortex was Tacx’s first interactive Smart trainer. The electric brake makes this trainer highl...
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