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    Alloy carrier

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    BBB Aquashield Gloves

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    BBB Boogy kids helmet

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    BBB CARBSTOP BBS-25C Brake Pads – Road

    High performance brake pads for carbon fiber rims. Special compound for high brake power and extr...
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    BBB Ergobar BHB-33

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    BBB Hero Flash kids helmet

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    BBB HEX T BTL-45 Workshop tools

    T-handle hex wrench. With ball head for hard to reach bolt heads. Handle made of durable compo...
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    BBB HEXAGON BTL-13 Workshop tools

    Large size hex key. Ideal for removing the hex bolt from the cranks. Sizes: 6, 8 and 10 mm (so...
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    BBB HIGHCOMFORT BBW-41 Gloves – Summer

    The HighComfort summer glove is for the demanding cyclist who seeks for lightweight and comfort. The...
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    BBB Kite helmet

    In-mold shell construction. 18 air vents. Rear vents for optimum airflow. Insect mesh p...
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    BBB Raincover

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    BBB ROADPROTECTOR BFD-21F Fenders – Road

    Elegant front fender for road bikes. Protects against water spray and road grime. Easy quick r...
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    BBB ROADSTOP BBS-02 Brake Shoes – Road

    Compatible with Shimano / SRAM brake systems. Cartridge-type. Special compound for optimum gri...
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    BBB ROADSTOP DELUXE BBS-01D Brake Shoes – Road

    Dual-function brake pads provide superior performance at all weather conditions. Optimum water re...
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